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Carouse people white bg captureThe dream officially came true in June 2015 with the opening of the Kingsport Carousel. The work is still ongoing to finish the adjoining park and a variety of amenities at the Carousel and gift shop.   The Kingsport Carousel Project is a volunteer-led community project involving over 300 volunteers with the dream of creating and operating a menagerie-style carousel featuring all hand-carved wooden animals and chariots and original paintings on a refurbished machine that is totally unique and iconic to Kingsport. The Kingsport Carousel Project is a joint effort by The City of Kingsport Office of Cultural Arts & Engage Kingsport, the “Friends of the Cultural Arts” group, a private 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation governed by a volunteer board of directors and supported by the generosity of people who love the arts.  

For more information on the Kingsport Carousel Project CLICK HERE!

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