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Goats of Roan by Jeffrey Stoner @Art In The Heart Gallery

Each summer I look forward to making images for my Goats of Roan series.

The Goats of Roan began with the Baa-tany Goat Project. The goats spent summers alongside the Appalachian Trail on the border of Tennessee and North Carolina grazing on the balds of the Roan Mountain Highlands. The rest of the year they spent on their farm in beautiful Shady Valley, Tennessee. The Project came to an end last year and the project’s scientific papers were prepared.

This year I spent time with them on their Shady Valley farm where they grazed on a grass-covered steeply sloped field with woods as a backdrop. Each morning they would graze in the field and then as the temperature rose would head into the woods. In the woods they would nibble on bits of grass and moss from fallen trees, and then head back out onto the field.

There are three new goats in the series – Flip, Adoration and LOL (laughing out loud).

Retiring from the series are Arlo, Dylan, Leif, Nelson, Stephen and Woody.

The series started in 2008 with Arlo, whose image my wife said made her smile. I love photographing and spending time with the goats and I’m sure I’m smiling the entire time.

I hope you enjoy the new additions.

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