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Special Event Permit Process:

Requests to have a special event approved of in the City must be done by completing an application and going through an approval process.

Any event held on City property and/or requiring the services of one or more city departments and/or road closures is considered a special event. 

Final approval requires the signature of the City manager. Depending on the nature of the event, contact and approval may be required by various city departments before the application can be recommended for final approval. There may be a cost associated with some city services that will be required.  


The first step is to complete and submit a Special Event Application. At that time further requirements will be determined.  Anything on the application that does not apply to your event leave blank.

Applications submitted less than 30 days before an event will not be approved.  Applications for ROAD RACES should be submitted 3 MONTHS in advance to allow proper time to be processed.  Routes for these races should NOT be announced or advertised in advance of their approval.  

If you do not know how to fill out part of the application, leave that part blank and we will assist you, but fill it out as completely as you can and turn it in as the first step in the process.  If the question  does not apply to your event mark it with a N/A.



Special Event Application 04.17.2015

Special Event Meetings: Special Event Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of every month at 1:00 pm at Kingsport’s City Hall.   Please attend the meetings as you will be placed in direct contact with representatives of various City services to assist with your event. Special Event Applications must be submitted to the Office of Cultural Arts at least 30 days prior to the event. 

Submit completed application to:

Kristie Leonard

City of Kingsport, Community Services

225 W. Center Street

Kingsport, TN 37660

(423) 224-2821 office (423) 229-9350 fax


Once your event has been approved we ask that you list it on our EVENT CALENDAR: This allows your event to get publicity and for those wishing to do an event the ability to see what is going on in the city at that time.



Fire watch may be required for any event at the discretion of the Fire Marshall. If set up is on the weekend, it may require a weekend inspection by the Kingsport Fire Marshal’s office at a rate of 25.00 per hour with a 3 hour minimum.

Any event involving fireworks and/or more than 5 cooking vendors and/or when outside capacity exceeds indoor capacity at any venue will require a Fire Watch to be on duty.

NOTE: Events that include deep frying cooking oil operations are required to have a grease pit on-site and contract with a grease waste hauler to handle the grease waste and removal of the grease pit. The primary event sponsor is required to remove all cooking grease from the site immediately after the event. Illegal dumping of cooking grease, or its’ introduction into the sanitary or storm sewer systems is prohibited and will be prosecuted.

Some events may require Rescue Squad personnel to be present. There may be a charge associated with this.

Please note: Off Duty Police fees are $25 an hour per officer with a three hour minimum.


The following is a list of some local rental companies that may be of assistance with your special event needs. (*Please note that the City does not endorse any company, this information is provided as a courtesy):

Celebrate Rentals (423) 282-4142 
A Super Party (423) 247-8888
Action Rentals (423) 246-5181

  For any questions on the application that do not apply to your event please mark N/A.


 Special Event Application 04.17.2015

Submit completed application to:

Kristie Leonard

City of Kingsport, Community Services
225 W. Center Street
Kingsport, TN 37660
(423) 224-2821 office (423) 229-9350 fax


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To Download this as a pdf click here: City Department Resources May 2015

For information on insurance requirements for your event:

Terri Evans, Risk Management Director City of Kingsport 225 W. Center Street Kingsport, TN 37660 Phone: (423) 224-2449 Fax: (423) 224-2474

For questions about security and other police business: 

Lieutenant Ralph Cline at the Kingsport Police Department In charge of Special Events for the Police department

(423) 914-9424

For questions regarding Fire Code and enforcement:

Fire Marshall Robert Sluss (423) 229-9440 or

Assistant Fire Marshall Roger Hensley (423) 612-0600

For other Fire Department questions: Jim Everhart, Deputy Fire Chief (423) 229-9444

For questions regarding Traffic:

Randy Williams (423) 817-3512 or (423) 224-2424

For all road closures:   

Andy Hobbs @ 423-224-2427

For questions regarding Public Works:

Lewis Bausell (423) 229-9352

For questions regarding City Parks:

Jeff Joyce, 

Assistant Director of Parks & Rec (423) 229-9457

For electrical setups:

Dave Austin, Facility Maintenance Manager

(423) 817-2034

For questions regarding Downtown Kingsport businesses:

Sherri Mosley, Executive Director Downtown Kingsport Association (423) 246-6550

For information on BEER PERMITS:

Angie Marshall, City Recorder (423) 229-9384

For Planning and Zoning questions:

Lynn Tulley (423) 229-9319

For other information contact City Hall:

Anne Adamson (423) 229-9400


According to Kingsport Policy, any event that occurs on city property and is open to the public is required to have insurance to cover the liability of the event.  The insurance needs to name the city of Kingsport as additional insured with respects to the activities of the event.  This will protect both the organization and/or individuals hosting the event and the City of Kingsport in the event that someone is injured or there is damage to the property.  There are a couple of options.  You can get a TULIP (Tenant User Liability Insurance Program) policy through the National League of Cities at

The city’s codes:  0501 – CCW.  You can get a price quote there, and purchases are made on-line with a credit card.  You are not obligated to buy the policy just to get a quote.  

Or you can go through any multi-line agency to see about purchasing special event coverage.  Multi-line agencies are those that offer many different coverage types through many different companies, such as BB&T/KDC, Heritage/Bennett & Edwards, Edwards/Tipton/Witt, etc., that can help you.  If you go through the local company, you need to advise them you want a special event liability insurance policy. 

Click Here for PDF Guides: 

Presenting the Tenant User Liability Insurance Program How to Guide

The Pool Information Brochure

If you have questions about the eligibility or classification of your event, please contact Susan Kludjian or Christine Mitchell at HUB International N.E. (800) 370-2106. If you experience technical difficulties, please contact Entertainment Brokers International at 1-800-507-8414 (8:30AM – 5:00PM PST)

Click here for Application_for_Beverage_Permit_0

  • Events that are open to the public and serving alcohol may require an additional permit from the Tennessee Alcohol Beverage Commission. 

Guidelines can be found at: