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Round Tables: 5 feet in diameter

Rectangle Tables: 6 Feet Long by 2.5 Ft wide


The Kingsport Renaissance Arts Center is a facility which serves the community as a center for the arts and senior citizen’s activities, and as a facility for business meetings, parties, receptions, classes, showers, and day-long seminars with breakout rooms. It is managed by the City of Kingsport’s Office of Cultural Arts. The facility includes a 350-seat theatre, three-story sky lit atrium, art gallery, gymnasium, meeting rooms and offices. The Kingsport Renaissance Center, formerly the John Sevier School, was renovated in 1991 and now stands as one of Kingsport’s most prominent landmarks. It is an architect’s masterpiece and stands as a constant reminder of Kingsport’s history and as a reality of creative dreams. The Renaissance Center’s diversity makes it unique and truly a model that sets renovation standards by which all others can be measured.Theatrical performances and concerts are scheduled in the 350-seat theatre throughout the year. The theatre is available for meetings and seminars and is an ideal facility for 200 people, with nearby breakout rooms, suitable for all day functions with or without meals.

A variety of rooms are available for rent as well as a three-story atrium that seats 50 on each level. The atrium is ideal for a registration and refreshment area for up to 200 people. This arrangement is ideal to incorporate along with the use of the theatre, room 239, room 310, and/or the art gallery. The three levels of the sky lit atrium lend themselves to various forms of gatherings. You may also want to provide refreshments for your event, either by bringing your own food or making arrangements with your favorite caterer.The Art Gallery on the second level is open to the public Monday through Friday from 8:00am–8:00pm & Saturday 9am–12Noon. Also open during Special Events. The Art Gallery features a different exhibit each month. These displays are great to view during meeting breaks and performance intermissions.

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