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comboLOGO_CA_EngageKpt_BlkWht_Fontdiffweb2Do you want to volunteer but don’t know how to help?

Social Media is a fun and free way YOU can make a difference. 





Below are action items for friends of The Kingsport Office of Cultural Arts and our Cultural Partners to help make social media a force to get the word out and create excitement about Cultural Arts Activity in Kingsport and the region.


Facebook:  Kingsport Office of Cultural Arts

-> ‘Like’ and share the page

-> When you see a post, COMMENT ON IT, ‘LIKE’ IT, SHARE IT ON YOUR PAGE

-> If you see that another member has shared a status from The Kingsport Office of Cultural Arts on FB, COMMENT ON IT, ‘LIKE’ IT, SHARE IT ON YOUR PAGE

-> ‘Like’ our Cultural Partners and friends, share their statuses, and comment on their posts


Twitter:  @KptCulturalArts  Use hashtag #KCA

 (If you are on Twitter)

->  Retweet/Quote our tweets (they have an icon that looks like a square w/arrows – USE IT)

->  When you want to recognize or get The Office of Cultural Arts in the conversation you have, use @ symbol. This will appear in our stream. It’s like a To: in emails/faxes. You can use multiple @’s in a tweet if you want to get in someone’s “stream”

->  When you want to talk about a theme, use the # symbol. Think of that as the Subject: in emails/faxes. This is to start or participate in the larger discussion; it also keeps the discussion in one “stream”

->  Include our Cultural Partners and sponsors every chance you get. Let’s keep them happy!

***EXAMPLE:  You are excited that Elvis will be performing at the Renaissance Arts Center this year, and you want to shout out to the Kingsport Office of Cultural Arts for hosting such an awesome show. This could be your tweet:  ”WooHoo @KCA for bringing @Elvis to the #RenCen.”

***You can now use hashtags the same way in FB and we encourage you to do that!


Please feel free to call for more information or to share your ideas

at (423) 392-8414.

We want this to be fun and easy for everyone!