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Rise Together Kingsport

­­­­­­­concept sketch at Renaissance Center by Charlie Brouwer Rise Together Kingsport a project by the City of Kingsport Office of Cultural Arts, artist Charlie Brouwer and the Kingsport Community   everyone & every part of the community can participate in creating a temporary sculpture celebrating the combined hopes & dreams of Kingsport. individuals, families, organizations, […]

Volunteer Opportunities at Kingsport Carousel:

Volunteer Opportunities at Kingsport Carousel:  Participants The Carousel Project has been a joint effort of more than 300 volunteers and 700 sponsors along with the City of Kingsport Office of Cultural Arts, Engage Kingsport Inc. and a wide variety of community partners, both private and commercial. Who can volunteer? ANYONE over 16 years old who […]

Guidelines for posting events to the community calendar on www.EngageKingsport.com

  Guidelines for posting to the calendar Directions to make calendar postings to www.EngageKingsport.com CLICK ON THE “POST YOUR EVENT” BUTTON AND JUST FILL OUT THE FORM. Please make sure to follow these guidelines:  Must include a contact person, email and/or phone number  Include the organization’s website address  PLEASE Include an image […]