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May 25th! Come Pour With Us! Elena Corradino will be teaching acrylic pouring!

The World of Acrylic Pouring example cAcrylic Pouring

Adventure into the fun and unpredictable world of acrylic pouring with Elena Corradino! She will teach you everything there is to know about this exciting style of abstract art. You will make 10 paintings (5 wooden panels, two ceramic tiles, a wooden round, an 8×10 canvas and a deep edge 5×5 canvas) and each will be different. You will learn 5 different types of pours, including a double flip cup, AND 3 ways to make “cells”. You will discuss color theory and what makes abstract art pop, and Elena will go into detail about the materials, brands she uses, etc. You will leave with the knowledge of how to do this on your own as well as beautiful art!

Where: Saturday, May 25th! in the 2nd level Studio Space at the Kingsport Carousel

When: 10am – 2:30pm (30 min break for lunch, bring-your-own or eat local) 4hr instruction/creative time

All materials you need will be provided.

Click here to reserve your spot!!

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Rise Together Kingsport Sketch by Charlie Brouwer

Rise Together Kingsport

­­­­­­­concept sketch at Renaissance Center by Charlie Brouwer

Rise Together Kingsport

a project by the City of Kingsport Office of Cultural Arts, artist Charlie Brouwer and the Kingsport Community


  • everyone & every part of the community can participate in creating a temporary sculpture celebrating the combined hopes & dreams of Kingsport.
  • individuals, families, organizations, schools, churches, & businesses are invited to lend ladders (symbols of their hopes and dreams) to be joined together in a monumental sculpture towering in front of the Renaissance Center, spilling across its lawn to Center St.
  • the ladders can be real extension & step ladders, stepstools, or any form or size of ladder including handmade ladders from any material.
  • lenders can choose to be ordinary, creative, expressive with the ladders they lend.
  • each ladder will be registered, tagged to identify the lender, & they will be added to the “List of Ladder Lenders” that will appear on the project website & Facebook page & the list will be posted at the sculpture site.



Sept. 25 – Oct. 9, engaging community (soliciting, receiving, picking up ladders, giving talks in schools, meeting community groups, communicating to media, doing promotional events, etc.)

Oct. 10 – 13, building the sculpture (continuing to solicit, receive and pick-up ladders in the AM and working 2pm-7pm on building the sculpture).

Oct. 14, receiving ladders from 9AM until the last one is added at 2pm.

Nov. 13 – 17, taking down the sculpture and returning the ladders.


__________________________How You Can Help__________________________


  • Lend a ladder!
  • Tell your friends, club, church or community org. about it – think about parts of the community that should be included – help them get a ladder ready to lend.
  • Volunteer to help with the project (receiving & registering ladders, canvassing, picking up ladders for people who can’t transport them, assisting with handling ladders during building & take down…



More info at:        Follow us on Facebook: @risetogetherkingsport

Questions, want to lend a ladder or volunteer to help? Call 423-392-8414

Communities truly rise when everyone rises together!