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untitled-0761 Public Art: (ie: Sculpture Walk, Permanent Art, Banners, Gallery Exhibitions, Parking Garage Benches, Art in Public Spaces, etc) Sculpture Walk General Description: Kingsport has had a ‘Percent for Art’ program since 2006 and the first expression of that Public Art Program was the Sculpture Walk which is still a vital part of Kingsport’s Public Art Program. The Sculpture Walk is a curated exhibit of contemporary public art located along Broad Street from the Train Station on Main Street to the Glenn Bruce Park near the Kingsport Public Library. The pieces are on exhibit 11 months of the year and then are changed for a new exhibit each May. With a comfortable stroll along Broad Street, a viewer can enjoy up to 10 temporary pieces and access information on each piece through the Guide By Cell feature of the walk. With a local call the viewer can hear general descriptions, curator’s comments and a message from the artist him/her self! Along the route the viewer can also see several pieces of Kingsport’s growing permanent .

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