Mission:  The Kingsport Public Art Committee was created by ordinance of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen in 2007.  The ordinance also established a ‘Percent for Art’ allowing .75% of the Capital Improvement Project to be designated for art.  Since 2007, programs of the Kingsport Public Art Committee have included:

Sculpture Walk – a temporary exhibit (11 months) of contemporary outdoor sculpture in Downtown Kingsport. Current Sculpture Walk is Sculpture Walk 10

Permanent Public Art Collection– Previous temporary exhibits purchased to stay in the area

Percent for Art Opportunities/Calls to Artists

Mura Arts Program

Community Engagement

Rise Together Kingsport – a temporary sculpture created to represent the combined hopes and dreams of the Kingsport community connected together in a monumental sculpture towering in front of the Renaissance Center and spilling across its lawn to Center St.

Humanae -is a “work in progress” by the Brazilian Angélica Dass, who intends to deploy a chromatic range of the different human skin colors.


Appointed to the Kingsport Public Art Committee by the Mayor and Aldermen:

Roy Harmon, Chairman

Chris Campbell

Emma Clark

Gail Cole, President, Engage Kingsport, ex officio

Julie Gunn

Brad Hoover

Chrissy Idlette

Beverley Perdue

Melissa Sanders

Bruce Shine

Judy Smith

Jeffrey Stoner